Giveaway 10 winner

1ST Prizes

NO. 1 MTL 2.0+Wanderlust Lite+Chain

NO. 2 MTL 2.0+Wanderlust Lite+Chain

2ST Prizes

NO. 3 Manta RTA SACD+Dominator Coil

NO. 4 Manta RTA SACD+Dominator Coil

NO. 5 Manta RTA SACD+Dominator Coil

3ST Prizes

NO. 6 Manta RTA SACD

NO. 7 Manta RTA SACD

NO. 8 Manta RTA SACD

NO. 9 Manta RTA SACD

NO. 10 Manta RTA SACD


1, Please note you must be the legal age to vape in your country.

2, Please confirm the e-cigarette is able to delivery to your country.

3. Please make sure you can do customs clearance by yourself.

4, Make sure the email you registered is your common-mail.

5, Please check our winner announcement emails to make sure every winner gets a prize in time.