Advken Points Rule

1. What are Advken points?

Advken points were set to reward the customer who supports Advken products, in this way the customer can use it to make a money reduction in the order.

2. How to get Advken points?

Some ways to get points.

1) Registered: The new customer can get 100 points.

2) Place orders: When customers place an order and pay the bill, then they can get the point like this: One US$1 can be 1 point, only the products value was taken account, shipping fee not involved.

3) Invitation: Invite anyone to register, then 50 points will be given.

The invite link can be found by My account->MY INVITATION, he can register by clicking the link.

3. How to use Advken points?

1) When there are 100 points in your account, then it can be used as a reduction.

2) When it comes to the payment page, choose the point reduction and points quantity, then the corresponding money will be automatically reduced.

3) only the products value was taken account, shipping fee not involved.

4) US$ 1 can be reduced by 100 points.

4. Advken Points Rules

1) The order cancel, then the points gotten from this order will be deleted.

2) The order cancel, the points reduced will be returned.

3) When the points have been used to reduce the money with an order, extra points cannot be given.

4) If the points got by the malicious register, all of the points will be deleted, and the account may be closed directly.  

5) All of the rights of interpretation is up to Advken.